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Our Partners

We work closely with our Partners to fulfill the needs for our Customers in fast, reliable and constant way of delivering superior services


Amer Services

(General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs)

Issuing Residence Visa

Entry Permits - Inside or Outside the Country (Companies \ Families)

Visa Stamping

Travel Report

Renewal of Residence

Change Status

Cancellation of Residence

Change Residence to a New Passport

Visit Visa (1 & 3 Months)

Extension of Visa Validity (Upon Arrival)

New \ Renew Immigration \ Establishment Card

New \ Renew PRO Card


TAS-HEEL Services

(Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation)

Open Electronic Company

Request to create a Person Code

Request for New E-Signature Card

Applying for Quota

Request for Quota Modification

Typing an Offer Letter

Modification of Offer Letter

Cancellation of Offer Letter

Typing of all kinds of Work Permits

Labor Card Payments

Typing & Submission of New Labor Cards

Typing & Submission of Labor Card Cancellation


Dubai Economy Services

Trade Name Reservation

Initial Approval

Instant License

Issuing A License


License Renewal

License Cancellation

Modify License Data

Processing License Data

Solving and Liquidating Companies

Issuing Trade Permits

Cancellation of Trade Permits

Renewal of Trade Permits

Amendment of Trade Permits

Suspension of Expired License (Freeze)

Economic Department Form

Initial Electronic Approval - Start up Service

Issuance of The Electronic Contract - Start up Service

Print License

Attestation of Trade License


Emirates ID Services

(Federal Authority for Identity & Citizenship)

Emirates ID for Local
Emirates ID for GCC
Emirates ID New, Renewal for 1 Year

Emirates ID New, Renewal for 2 Year

Emirates ID New, Renewal for 3 Year

Emirates ID New, Renewal for 5 Year

Emirates ID New, Renewal for 10 Year
Replacement of Lost/Stolen Identity Card​

Dubai Health Authority.png

Dubai Health Authority

(Medical Fitness Application Services)

Medical Normal

Medical 48 Hours

Medical 24 Hours

Medical VIP

Dubai Economy
Dubai Health

Ministry of Health

(Medical Fitness Application Services)

Ministry of Health Medical for Families

Ministry of Health Medical for Companies

Ministry of Health Medical for Individual


TAX Services

(Federal Tax Authority)

Special Tax Training Services – Corporates, Governments & Private Institutions

Accounting Services Monthly for Small Enterprises

Accounting Services Monthly for Medium Enterprises

Tax Advisory Services for Small Enterprises – VAT & Excises Tax

Tax Advisory for Medium Enterprise Services – VAT & Excises Tax

Certified Tax Agent Services in UAE

Tax Registration Services - Individual

Tax Registration Services - Business

Tax Registration Services - Tax Groups

Amendment of Tax Registration Data - Individual

Amendment of Tax Registration Data - Business

Amendment of Tax Registration Data - Tax Groups

De-Registration of Voluntary & Mandatory Tax Registration

Reviewing and Filing of a Monthly & Quarterly Tax Returns

Reconsideration of FTA Decisions

Tax Advisory Annually Contracts - Small & Medium Corporates

Tax Advisory Annually Contracts - Large Corporates

Health Insurance

Health Insurance Services

output-onlinepngtools (2).png
output-onlinepngtools (2).png

Other Services

All Kinds of Translation Services

PRO Services

Pick & Drop Services

Attestation service encompasses:

Educational Certificates

Medical Certificate

Marriage and Divorces Contracts

Powers of attorney, etc.

Commercial Contracts and Agreements

Other Sevices
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